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destroyed botanical garden This site describes  the miserable fate of the GARDENIUS BOTANICAL GARDEN and AQUATIC BIOTOPE.   aquatic biotope
Our biotope on the right is still holding on against corruption forces
long history
1. during the war Russian prisoner built our house as an escape from bombs.
2. 1996 our house became a "sauna house"
3. therfore in 1996 the 8-apartment house was built instead of 6 apartmets as allowed.
4. A bigger house could be built today on the plot 93 if one gets rid of us.
  The story below exposes a SOCIAL BIOTOPE of CORRUPTION 

we propose the following solutions
we pay monthly EURO 688 to keep the biotope alive



1 220 000-800 000=420 000 
Sold for EURO 800 000 4 and half month later resold for EURO 1 220 000
  Peter Jordan Strasse 93
our landlords Wurst & Ströck Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft poorly evaluate the value of the property of the Peter Jordan Strasse 93
as anticipated in 2016, (and described under the link Plot) the things has happened exatly  the way we suspected in 2018. To  get better price  we were an obstacle and we had to move.
The current house will be removed and the new mulit-appartment house built
the yellow arrow shows the entry to our house 


  Time for the Austrian anti-corruption authorities to look at all case



  About us and the background 


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the culture of corruption
how the culture of corruption works in big



Historical background
Historical background
Imperial Austria was a multi-national state with the central administrative authorities in Vienna. The applicants from the whole empire were coming to Vienna to obtain various permissions. These were "facilitated" by  large groups of "helpers", T
he services had a cost.. It was a normal practice in Austria.  In Anglo-Saxon countries it is called corruption.



destruction of Gardenius botanical garden
how corruptive structures destroyed our botanical garden in Vienna


the house is not to rent util changes are done. 
how corruptive structures manipulated the authorities since decades


allowed 6 apartment house miraculously becomes 8 apartment house and our house becomes a sauna rented as a dwelling house


and their goals

how the destrucion was done
step by step
The mechanisms of corruption, it has happened so
DAS VORHABEN - THE PLOT - the suspected fraud (description)
What we suspected in 2016 is actually happening
the neighboring house is built bigger then planned
to allow bigger house our perfect dwelling house have had to be reclassified as an outbuilding,  a sauna,





Since years we pay rent in order to keep aquatic biotope which is used by the amphibias (frogs and toads) from the whole area
The use of the house for the leaving purposes was prevented by corruptive forces
The local municipal authorites should take over the biotope
The landlords should provide an adequate compensation
The anti-corruptions authorities shoud look at the cases





lawyers strange practices
How the lawyers are instigated to intimidate us.

The lawyer firm Telos is used by Koffer House Service to intimidate and threaten us
Is this Rule of Law in Austria?
complains to the Vienna Lawyer Association are  still not answered since 2016



BENEFACTOR, our friend
professor WUNDERER 

the garden which was destroyed
Der Garten we lost

"Die Vertreibung aus dem Paradies Garten", Peter Jordan Strasse 97-1A

The garden is dedicated to our friend
Professor Dr. Siegfried Wunderer
who passed 2015
by creation of Stiftung he wanted to secure future for his chronically "affected" daughter Claudia Dietel
We continue to pay for the house and the garden in order to maintain the biotope. What solution is our landlord and the Board of the Wunderer Privatstiftung able to offer us. Professor Wunderer's house Vienna Peter Jordan Strasse 93 (picture right) and in Kitzbühel are now sold by the Wunderer Privat Stiftung//Wurst & Ströck Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft.  His daughter Claudia Dietel had to leave the family house. Prof Wunderer was much worried about Claudia s future.

more info on prof Wunderer will come, including video

After death of professor Wunderer,
the fate of his Stiftung,
 sold for Euro 800 000 resold 4,5 month later for Euro 1 220 000



  our private context is defined by our landlords who due to previous manipulation of the building rules in 1996 had to destroy our living space in Vienna. Only the precious aquatic biotope is left.


EXPLOITERS of the illigal housing condition 

distruction order came from our landlords
distruction results
Our landlords  Wurst & Ströck  Rechtsanwälte Partner managers of Wunderer Privat Stiftung work in the framework of the new and the old culture our botanical garden was destroyed by forces stemming 'from times years before  our arrival.
demolition initiated by our landlords  Wunderer fund managed by Wurst Ströck & Rechtsanwälte Partner
 our things were put in the tent which is now destroyed, we have informed our landlords on 03-12-2018


intimidation and expulsion of the Botanical Garden





our old  botanical garden

We want a compensation  to carry on the botanical garden  project somewhere else
The neighboring mark which is smaller was sold for EURO 1 220 000
click to see the old garden

We live privately but participate in a political context both perspectives are connected in a historically unique configurationn
Rule of Law is to be enjoyed by each EU citizen. We show how you should belive in the the EU values and rules and see how it should improve my and your life..
For making life in the EU easy, according to the EU values. We want the EU values to be realized. Our =>>caseerelates to the destruction of the botanical garden in Vienna, Austria..
Here is an openn letterrto the MEPss 
Since 2016 we have informed these politicians about a persistence  of structural corruptions in Austria and legislation not compatible with the EU values.Since 2016 we have informed these politicians about a persistence  of structural corruptions in Austria and legislation not compatible with the EU values.
Frans Timmermans (EU)
e-mail dated 2018-02-11
Othmar Karas (Austrian EU MEP)
e-mail dated 2016-07-07
how I learned that,  in many EU countries, the EU's values and rules are a joke and a bag of empty promises
the house we are renting is partially demolished

some forces want us out. An attmp to drive us away is underway.
senseless destruction of our living environment our plans and dreams
Since 2 years we are under pressure to leave our house.  
The worker left the garden in this state in July

the whole case study


And what the authorities say
The Vienna authorities' standpoint.
"all illigal" but nobody does anything
The Vienna authorties admit that a lot has gone wrong


blog - perspective - key years 2018 - 1968 - 1938 - 1918 ->


expelled to the Tent 

The  house we rent was built during the second World War by the Russians Prisoners Of  War
The house surroundings are demolished , veranda removed and thing stored into a tent
The garden  contains a  aquatic biotope with rare amphibians who come to the place each year in spring to reproduce
After the death of our friend and landlord  Prof Wunderer the intimidation is initiated to get us out.



KONSTRUKTEURE    ( AKTEURE ) -  wir sind unbeteiligte OPFER
Who is Who in this Macheloike
Definition of collaborator [Merriam-Webster]
"a person who collaborates with another: such as
someone who works with another person or group"

in action

Intimidations, misuse of authorities for the private purposes, denounciations,
 how  the crowd is marching into our garden
conducted by the building control with the participation of the crowd in order to put us under pressure
it is called ochlocracy - Déjà vu

2016-07-27 10:16:56 Inspection with the participation of the neighbor's house crowd, and house developers, see invitation list
here are some pictures from the security cameras
intimidation, threats started after the death of our landlord Prof Wunderer in Sept 2015
one wants to get us out see the plot and manipulation


we built botanical garden starting 2008
starting 2016 building bosses wanted to make money and move us out 
Here is how a lawyer group Telos tries to intimidate us 
we complained to authorities and the EU already in 2016
The EU is too weak, too frighten to ask for implementation of the EU values

EXPLOITERS of the illigal housing condition

Our landlord, Wurst & Ströck, rents us a house which is in an illigal state, The landlord did not put the house in the conditions prescribed  in 1996
Our landlord accepts unethical collaborators like Bontus




Bontus, Hausverwaltung, recruited by our landlord service our house.
Bontus sevice lies and cheats
Definition of collaborator [Merriam-Webster]
"a person who collaborates with another: such as
someone who works with another person or group"


CONTROLLERS of the Vienna Government 

How authorithies are instrumentalized
Upon denounciation by  Mathias Koffer House Verwaltung the MA37 (building control) reviews the state of the building.
The owner of the house has to reinstate the house to the state prescribed in 1996
Mr. Cech left
Mr. Ludwig, right,  previously reponsiblee for Vienna Building


SVB Handels Gmbh steals electricity
Aktuelle Arbeit -SVB Handels Gmbh, demolition  started
The demoliton job is done by SVB Handels Gmbh recruited by Bontus House Service



built by the Russians POWs 

Das (Garten) Haus hat viele Geheimnisse
Im zweitenn
Weltkrieges  gebaut
Wir fanden
einige Texte in russischer Sprache
Da haben wir die Vergangenheit geschaut
Von Hand
Hinterblieben und andre Sachen
Es gibt noch viel
zu entdecken
Das Garten Haus hat viele Geheimnisse...
the house constructed during the second word war by Russsian prisoners of war.

- The house was build during the second World War. It was used as a regular house with all functions.

- Later the house was "re-labled" as a Sauna/Garden house a larger house was built in front and recived the same number i.e. 97. The new house is visible on the picture to the left.

- After retirement from the UN and International Atomic Energy Agency we stayed near the near the Agricultural University, Boku. My main purpose was to save and take care of some rare and exotic plants I have collected - a small botanical garden. 

- We share our life between Stockholm, Vienna and Italy/Tarquinia, (The Swedish King Gustaf VI Adolf used to excavate Etruscan sites around Tarquinia )

- The  gardening was also of a gréat interest of Prof. Wunderer (see his photo below) whom I have known previously as he treated my son. He took active part in the gardening activates.

 - in fall 2015 Prof Wunderer passed away.

- Some of the plants needed protection for the winter, we have provideded a temporary winter cold protections as descripbed on the following page

Due to the local demand for the land some action were taken by local developers

See the letter to Mr Sebastian Kurz below


the latest e-mail 2018-11-26,
E-mails to the Vienna Building Authority (more will come)


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