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   Wunderer Privatstiftung is managed by Wurst & Ströck Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft (www.austrialaw.at) and sells property long under price.   
Sold for EURO 800 000 to company  A.M.T. Unternehmensberatungs-gesellschaft M.B.H, on 09.08.2018, area 580 m2 In 4 month 420 000 Euro was lost
The beneficiary, the handicapped daughter, is losing money. 
4 month later resold for EURO 1 220 000 to Brandstetter Immobilientreuhand Gmbh on 20.12.2018
To  get better price  we were an obstacle and we had to move. 
as anticipated in 2016, and described in plot Plot 
the yellow arrow shows the entry to our house  


  The main actors   
We rented the house from those people
Mr Wurst and Mr Ströck
Wurst & Ströck Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft
they have also managed the fund which owns our house and adjacent house sold for the price  of 800 000 Euro, 420 000 under the market value. How did it happened.
the gentelmen are representing


Peter Jordan Strasse 93 - before 2019   Peter Jordan Strasse 93 - 2021 
The house of professor Sigfried Wunderer and his disadvanaged  daughter Claudia Dietel   After death of prof. Wunderer, Mr Wurt and Mr. Ströck have removed  the disadvantaged daughter and sold the house
the old house of late professor Wunderer and the family home of his handicapped daughter Claudia Dietel   The new hous is built, the daughter lost her family home