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To sell the house with the long term contract tenets and other liabilities such as partial destruction of property and our items, may be qualified as a fraud and a ground for annulation of the purchase contract. (since destruction in July 2017 we have not altered anything)
This site describes  the miserable fate of the GARDENIUS BOTANICAL GARDEN and AQUATIC BIOTOPE.
The old destroyed GARDENIUS botanical garden
Our biotope is still holding on against corruption forces
  long history short description
1. during the war Russian prisoner built our house as an escape from bombs.

2. 1996 our house became a "sauna house"

3. therefore in 1996 the 8-apartment house was built instead of 6 apartments as allowed.

4. In 2009/2011 we got long-term lease from the Wurst & Ströck  Rechtsanwälte, Wunderer Pivatstiftung for the house Peter Jordan Strasse 97-1A

5. Being near BOKU, we have established a Botanical Garden "Gardenius"
6. in 2019 a bigger house could be built on property on the plot 93 if one gets rid of us.
The story below repeats 1994 "sauna case" and exposes a SOCIAL BIOTOPE of CORRUPTION 







the culture of corruption,Corruption, historical background, and more examples

how corruptive structures manipulated the authorities since decades


  The landlord put things we had under veranda in their own tent  
  the strorm removed the tent. Despite of informing the landlords, Wurst Ströck & Rechtsanwälte, nothing was done.  
  hifi and oter items are in the snow