In 2015 Merkel, Tusk, Löfven enthusiastically
welcomed migrants. Today, year 2018 even basic civil right are put aside in the relation to the migrants. Mr. Löfven was recently at the Salzburg Summit complaining about unwillingness of some EU countries to accept migrants. Löfven is insisting on “mandatory asylum seeker quotas”, but in 2015, Merkel “invited" the migrants to Germany. Why? - because of bad conscience related to Germany's role during the second World War or her personal commotion of being a daughter of a pastor  and studying in the Soviet’s Moscow – exceptional exception form the rules of the DDR.

Löfven and  Merkel created a shine of tolerance, openness,. You have take . Your also clearly say that we should return the migrants to the departure point without the review of their asylum status.
There are two aspects to keep in mind.
In the beginning of the there was possibility to prevent human tragedy in Syria. The no-fly zone for Syria was considered. Merkel rejected the proposal Sweden had  the same views.
How is possible that in a few years the migrants turned from suffering to be seekers of better economic life

There are dozens of Orbans I the current EU. And the Hungarian Orban because a “evil” part of us all. Orban is a whipping boy for the confused and helpless politicians in the other countries

And you  Mr. Tusk, you say that you agree on the main goal which is "stemming illegal migration to Europe”
That is a very good idea, the issue is how and where the evaluation will take place “illegal migration” means that someone has to carry an interview defined migrants status i.e. illegal and legal migrants and asylum seekers.  Where will such interview take place. Who will provide staff.

Monty python Flying Circus and Fawlty Towers are the best comedy series I know. Booths combine analytical approach and