Deception of the EU voters  
I am preparing myself for the intelligent decision for whom to vote in the 2019 EU parliamentary elections.
First, I would like to know how the MEP, I elected in 2014, voted. I would like to see other MEPs voting history too, in case I may find someone who's voting pattern fits better my political opinions.
(I am disappointed that transnational lists are not allowed)
It seems that the EU parliament doesn't provide the information I want.  There is no data base of voting results in the EU parliament which I could consult - very strange -  I feel something bizarre is going on. Is the lack of information purposeful.
Yes,  there is a site which provide such information, it is privately owned and user unfriendly and incomplete. In addition, one needs to establish an account to login. Very, very peculiar, what if I don't want the site to register may data, what if the information I am searching is recoded and a profile established. Is it what the EU is now promoting - but I have no choice, what about transparent access to information, is it compatible with the rule of law? Is this a way to intimidate EU citizens.