Rule of Law in the EU? The Austrian MEPs don't read the e-mails from citizens who are concerned about important civil rights issue in the EU. On the other side the Swedish MEPs read the e-mails. Is it significant?


Let assume that you believe in the values of the EU and express your opinion related to the certain aspects of the social events in Austria. You may think that the Rule of Law is reality - wrong - it is not.


It is a reality in the EU that using freedom of expression in Sweden may bring you into problems in Austria. Actually, you may start worried if you can saftely travel to Austria.

You may be intimidated and threatened, asked to remove your views from the Internet.


You complain to authorities, to lawyer association - no answer. In my case I wrote to the EU parliamentarians and the EU authorities who suppose to ensure that the uniform implementation of the Rule of Law in the Member States is backed up by the EU legislation.

Transparency, clear and timely communications, being part of the Rule of Law, are disregarded by the Austrian MEPs and the EU authorities.


Not getting any answer from the Austrian authority  asked the MEPs and again Austrian Foreign Ministry  the following important civil rights question.

“will I be prosecuted in Austria for the opinions expressed in Sweden”?

Since 2 years I do not get any answer despite that is concerns the core of the civil rights, also part of the Rule of Law.


It is a fundamental question of the Rule of Law in the common judicial framework of the EU  - and what, -  is it a social game, just assumption that the masses are too stupid, too tired, not willing to control or too afraid to ask questions. The EU parliament has no data base of the voting pattern of the MEPs. Why?, is it that the masses should not have an easy way to control what the mighty are doing. Is it EU's aim is to "obscure" accountability.

We can see how much better is Sweden in the fulfillment of Rule of Law. This difference in treating citizens and read citizens contributions illustrates the issues in small but it is indication how the EU in large works.  Almost all  Swedish MEPs read my contribution. It is also my experience that the UK MEPs answer the questions.

We may ask an important  question, should Sweden level up to the lower standards of the EU or pursue more independent position outside of the EU.

It looks that the EU and the Austrian MEPs just ignore communication. Is it the habit from the old authoritarian culture. I wonder how women are coping with such environment.

only one exception in the Austrian group -  Eugen Freund, journalist, newcomer into politics, excellent analyst, acts like Swedish MEPs
list of addressees

the following MEPs and EU openly and transparently confirmed “read” status

for transparent EU








 the following MEPs and EU didn’t  confirmed (refused to confirm or didn’t read) the “read” status

for authoritarian  EU







@CeciliaWikstrom (she is demoralized by long EU cooperation, she was closer to voters earlier)


 but hit by police in #Salzburg